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Our Moisture Intrusion Specialists provide comprehensive moisture control solutions, including crawl space encapsulation and basement waterproofing, to customers in Charlotte NC, Matthews NC, Concord NC, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, and surrounding areas.

With over 1,400 high-quality, cost-effective projects completed, our professional staff brings experience and knowledge to every home we visit. We are committed to providing professional advice, superior products, and 5-star installation and service to our customers. We are happy to provide a range of custom solutions to meet your needs.


You are a unique individual, living in a unique home, on a unique piece of property.
This is why Green Frog believes that your water issue deserves a unique solution.

Would you like a free estimate?

If you have water in your crawl space, basement, or yard, turn to the professionals at Green Frog Waterproofing. We help protect your pad from water damage.

*There will be a $200 Inspection Fee for properties that are for sale, changing hands, or outside of our general service area (40 miles from center of Charlotte).

Erin Haneline
18:26 29 May 18
Green Frog is THE BEST! I literally feel like the have dealt with our home as if it was their own. They are professional, responsible and the end result is something we have been super happy with. I am so thankful to have Green Frog to call for a variety of "homeowner needs"!
Laura Stark
13:53 18 May 18
Blair and his team did an extensive amount of work at our home. Later, when we were selling our home, buyers wanted a lot of information on the work and Green Frog stepped up to provide details. They went above and beyond and we appreciate their professionalism. The systems they put in place have effectively controlled moisture under/near our home and we are confident that will continue to be the case for many years.
Kelly Lee
22:48 17 May 18
Green frog is the way to go when addressing any waterproofing need. The company acted in the most professional way in dealing with our crawlsoace and drainage issues. They explained every step and delivered on everything they explained. Blair was very knowledgeable and was a joy to work with in protecting our pad!! I highly recommend this company if you have crawlspace issues.
Carey Palmer
21:30 17 May 18
Incredibly upstanding company with high level of professionalism which is a great plus coming from the construction industry. Very responsive and engaging in educating about the problem and process to fix the problem. Wouldn’t hesitate to call them to provide solutions that work.
Jason Reeves
18:05 17 May 18
Definitely a great company to work with. If you need any waterproofing work done call Green Frog! I have worked with them for years and they are extremely professional and provide the right solution for any moisture problem.
Andy Caldwell
00:06 17 May 18
The folks at Green Frog Waterproofing provide great service. I appreciate their attention to detail and ability to help not only repair a draining issue but add value to my property! Make sure you to include them when you shop around for the best quote for a project.
Nick Does All
12:57 16 May 18
I have been crawling under homes for 13 years working in the pest control industry, and have seen the work of many moisture experts. I chose Green Frog due the quality of work and honesty that I have seen them give people over the years. I am very satisfied with the work they did at my house. I have been and will continue to recommend them both personally and professionally.
John Williams
21:06 07 Apr 18
This company is FANTASTIC! Their service at my home was excellent and all their staff professional and courteous. Their pricing is reasonable. Blair helped me understand the water and moisture related issues that were occurring at my home better then any other contractor I spoke with. Green Frog performed a large project at my house. They encapsulated our crawl space and solved drainage issues in my yard and I could not be happier with the results. Whenever I had questions about the work they would provide timely answers to help me make necessary decisions. I highly recommend Green Frog Waterproofing to anyone in need of the services they offer.
Mike Osborn
20:12 07 Apr 18
Accurate and fair estimate, workers were timely and polite, materials top-notch. They even let me save some $$ by doing some of the labor myself. Very positive experience.
Renee Calderon
20:52 05 Apr 18
I want to thank you and also let you know that your services were excellent. Also your prices were great as well. Highly recommended.Renee Calderon.
Laura Grigg
16:02 04 Apr 18
Professional, polite, and knowledgeable. I received several quotes to address our yard drainage issues and while GreenFrog wasn’t the cheapest option, they offered the most detailed and inclusive plan to completely address all water issues. We are completely satisfied with the work performed by GreenFrog, not only has addressing the drainage issues protected our home’s foundation, the river rock walk way is a beautiful addition to our back yard and what was previously called “the mud pit” is now a functional, beautiful, and grassy play area for our kids. So thankful to have a backyard we can actually enjoy.
Rob McManus
12:55 06 Mar 18
I have worked with Blair and Andrew for several years now. They are extremely professional and honest.
Angela Berger
16:29 15 Feb 18
For anyone who thinks they need moisture control solutions for their home or business, please call Green Frog Waterproofing before you make your final contractor decision. Over a two-year span, I talked with FIVE companies, and Green Frog was the last one. They were the only one to correctly identify my basement floor as being a monolithic slab and recommended a beaver dam for waterproofing to keep the structural integrity of my basement intact. All FOUR of the other companies wanted to install an interior French drain, which is very invasive for my particular situation. It is scary that I had to call FIVE companies before I got the most knowledgeable one for the job. Green Frog looks at your entire property and not just the symptoms in one area. They are comprehensive, and the installers are friendly, contentious and hard working. If you need Green Frog to check something after installation, they respond promptly. I will only use Green Frog for moisture control solutions I may have on future projects and recommend them to everyone I know. Angela Berger Owner, Laurelwood Community Preschool
Alice Habbal
01:20 19 Jan 18
If you need any waterproofing work done, do not hesitate to call Green Frog! The company is honest and dependable and there were no worries with the job we had done. After our crawlspace was cleaned and sealed, it looked beautiful! Laura came by to check the completed job and even cleaned little bits and pieces of "stuff" on her hands and knees! I felt bad for her doing that and told her she didn't have to do it, but she told me that she wanted things left as they found them! Perfect customer service!!
Stephen J. Case
17:29 20 Dec 17
They have this guy named Stephen that works for them. He is pretty awesome...
Marcy Cranshaw
13:14 13 Nov 17
I highly recommend this company! Blair was wonderful - and answered all of my questions on a timely basis. We had a drainage system put in and the crew was simply amazing. I cannot praise them enough. We are pleased with the work and everyone involved went above and beyond!
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